Bob's Lock & Key provides Durango businesses with comprehensive locksmith services.

Panic Hardware

Placed on doors to allow quick and easy exit from building. These are very important in case of emergencies such as fires. Bob’s Lock & Key is skilled at installing and repairing all types of exit devices. These may be required due to occupancy. Alarming panic hardware is also available for doors that are required to have quick exit but also notifies you if opened for high theft areas.

Locksmith Expert Colorado

Door Closers

Door closers from Bob's Lock & Key come in a variety of applications. These ensure doors do not stay open when someone passes through and quickly closes the door automatically. Bob’s Lock and Key can replace or adjust for proper operation and closing speed.

Master Key Systems

We can simplify your lives by reducing the number of keys you carry and maximizing the number of doors you can open. These systems are custom built to individual needs, and can be very small with just a few keys or very complicated with huge amounts of keys. Based on your needs we can create a keying system for you to ensure not only your security but convenience as well.

Keyless Entry

We can also customize a system for any number of needs. You may only want one entrance to have a keyless system or every door on the building. You are able to limit not only which doors are used by employees but also the times they can enter. The lock can tell you who came in which door and at what time they entered. These locks can be as complicated or as simple as you want. Bob’s Lock and Key can help you navigate the ever changing world of access control with not only your budget in mind, but your security.

Locksmithing Key Replacement Services

Rekey Locks

To change the key that operates an existing lock is very important in today’s world. You can eliminate threat or simply put your mind at rest by rekeying your locks. When keys go missing or you have a personnel change, the most effective security measure is to rekey your locks and Bob’s Lock and Key can help!

Additional Keys

Bob’s Lock and Key has an impressive amount of key blanks and can copy almost any key. We will even order key blanks for you as needed.

Mortise Locks

Bob's Lock & Key also services, repairs, and installs mortise locks. These are locks placed within the body of the door rather than attached to the surface.

Decorative Locks:

These look ornate and are available in several styles and colors.


Safes can be permanently installed or portable, depending on the needs of the business. We can change the combination or lock, unlock a safe that has become jammed, or recover a combination when you have forgotten it. We'll make sure your valuables stay secure.