About Bob's Lock and Key

Residential/Commercial Rekeying/Locksmith Services

Bob's Lock & Key has been in business since 1991. With over 20 years of experience, we're confident we can solve any lock related problem or provide any new lock service for your home, business, or vehicle. We have regularly scheduled hours, but are available on call for emergency locksmith services. The people of Durango won't find a better source for their locksmith needs than us.

Bob's Lock & Key

Our locksmiths can answer any questions you may have about the security of your home or business. If we feel it is necessary, we will advise you on new security measures to implement, but will never pressure you into unnecessary products that you don't need. We serve clients in rural, urban, and industrial areas. No job is too big or too small. You can count on us to secure your business, home, and vehicle.

Most Valuable Employee

Most Valuable Employee

Richard is Bob’s Lock & Keys employee of the month! As the “executive director of comedic relief”, our autistic team member, Richard is a valuable and irreplaceable addition to our team. He is an automotive expert, always has a great attitude, and brightens all of our days. We all learn a lot from him, we are glad to have him on our team, and proud to call him our most valuable employee!